Stroke a Check Kasim!

Watchdog calls for former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to reimburse the taxpayers for unconstitutional gifts: As you may have heard, former mayor Atlanta Kasim Reed in the last few weeks of his term gave substantial bonuses and gifts to favored city employees and winners of contests such as lip sync and the like. It was to the tune of $518,000. The bonuses were illegal because, as City Council President and Ethics Champion Felicia Moore described to

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Justice for Fulton Families Launched!

WATCHDOG CALLS FOR POTENTIAL CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION IN FULTON COUNTY FAMILY COURT I have struggled to get media attention on very shocking cases I’ve been approached with for years, and today I’m holding what I consider to be the most important press briefing of my career! Since I began my work as an ethics/political watchdog with Common Cause Georgia in 2010, and continuing that work with my own organization, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, I have been approached

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News reports of city department heads being fired by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed have described the moves as surprising or unexpected.  It’s really neither when you understand what this mayor is all about – power, money and greed.  And by the way, rumor has it the bloodletting at City Hall is not over. I offer this as my opinion and no, I have no hard evidence, no proof.  I say it as speculation knowing that

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Atlanta Magazine – The new New Georgia Project: Stacey Abrams’s $10 million plan to double down on voter registration

“It gives cause to worry when there’s someone stirring so many pots,” Perry said. “In a perfect world, anything you’re doing that would influence a campaign or an election should be disclosed. It’s a glaring example of what makes people sick about politics.” – See more at:

AJC – Ga. officials’ campaign reports don’t add up

William Perry, president of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, said candidates have been sloppy and sometimes dishonest because they knew no one was paying attention. “I think it gets messed up so much because there hasn’t been any sort of auditing on it,” Perry said. “There isn’t any sort of accountability.”