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“It gives cause to worry when there’s someone stirring so many pots,” Perry said. “In a perfect world, anything you’re doing that would influence a campaign or an election should be disclosed. It’s a glaring example of what makes people sick about politics.” – See more at:

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William Perry, president of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, said candidates have been sloppy and sometimes dishonest because they knew no one was paying attention. “I think it gets messed up so much because there hasn’t been any sort of auditing on it,” Perry said. “There isn’t any sort of accountability.”

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A new watchdog group started by UGA alumni has asked for another investigation, calling for a GBI investigation into what the group’s founder and president, UGA alum William Perry, called a “potential fraud cover-up” by UGA and University System of Georgia officials.  The investigation should also be expended to “anyone who may have assisted Dietzler with the fraud a University auditor found she committed, as well as those who violated state policy …. by not

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“I don’t think that’s good enough. There is her wrongdoing, but there is alleged improprieties that go as high as the president’s office,” said William Perry, president of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs. He says the fact that the university never sent the report to the board of regents or attorney general is telling, adding that a series of emails revealing a cover-up at the highest levels of the university demand investigation.

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“The fact that the attorney general’s office is taking this so seriously, shows that it needs a strong thorough investigation,” said William Perry, president of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs. Perry is also a UGA grad who served on the alumni board and considers Dietzler a friend. “I’ve known these folks for a long time so it really hurts if these allegations are true,” said Perry.