Kick-off of Judge “Edwards Watch” – calling for volunteers to watch

Judge Belinda Edwards needs to be watched… and we plan to do just that!

Join us for the kick-off of “Edwards Watch” – a volunteer effort to monitor Judge Edwards’ court. 
When: Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 12 Noon
Where: Fulton County Government, 141 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 – main entrance
Who: Justice for Fulton Families – William Perry, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs will be joined by families seeking justice.
Why: To shine a light as bright as our t-shirts on the highly questionable decisions made by Judge Edwards.
Goal: To have at least one volunteer monitoring every one of Judge Edwards’ hearings.
Contact: William Perry, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, or 678-358-6966 (text preferred)

As our coalition – Justice for Fulton Families – collects stories and evidence about potential corruption in Fulton County Family Court, we begin to see consistent patterns of very questionable rulings or decisions made by judges.  While a number of cases involve other judges, the most reoccurring names are former Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane and current Judge Belinda Edwards.
We will begin “Edwards Watch” on Monday, May 7, 2018 at 9:30am with a hearing for Rowles vs. Rowles.  Robyn Rowles’ former husband, a rich and powerful corporate executive who obtained full custody of their two youngest children last year, filed a motion which Judge Edwards will consider on Monday, to move their son and daughter to Baltimore, MD.Even after disclosures made by the children of their father’s allegedly inappropriate sexual behavior, Judge Edwards limited the admissibility and her consideration of evidence of the father’s history of violence, abuse, multiple mental health diagnoses, and alcoholism. Judge Edwards did not deem this information as relevant when determining sole legal and physical custody of the children.Yet Robyn, who has never been arrested, has no history of violence, has no mental health issues and does not suffer from alcoholism or a drug addiction, only sees her children every other Saturday for four hours of supervised visitation. A stranger sits in her home, watches her every move, and notes every word she speaks to her children for a report that is sent to the court after every visit. Judge Edwards allowed a determination of Parental Alienation Syndrome (which is no longer a syndrome after being debunked by the scientific community), to cause Robyn to lose custody of her children. Read more about Robyn’s case.
We want to send a strong message to Judge Edwards, other judges, court officers, attorneys and others that the public is watching — and hope this public attention will lead to justice for families appearing in Fulton County Family Court.
Edwards was not reappointed as a juvenile court judge by Fulton County Superior Court judiciary after taking “adverse actions” before miraculously being elected by the people to the same court that would not reappoint her.

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