Justice for Fulton Families Launched!


I have struggled to get media attention on very shocking cases I’ve been approached with for years, and today I’m holding what I consider to be the most important press briefing of my career!

Since I began my work as an ethics/political watchdog with Common Cause Georgia in 2010, and continuing that work with my own organization, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, I have been approached by numerous individuals who claim corruption in Fulton Family Court.  I have found that if it is not widespread potential corruption, it is massive incompetence and coincidence.

Being a one-man band, I often pitch the media stories to investigate and shine the light of ethics and other cases that I don’t have the resources to tell on my own.  But when it comes to family court cases, I’m often told:

“We can’t cover an ongoing case!” or “Those are issues their attorney can handle on appeal!”

But, what if the case never ends because the judge won’t issue a final order?  What if an appeal can’t happen because the parent 1) can’t get a certified transcript (required for appeal) because the judge appointed an unlicensed court reporter, or 2) can no longer afford an attorney for an appeal because of prolonged litigation with deep-pocketed spouses, or large sums, if not all of their paychecks, going to outrageous child support payments or payments for attorneys’ fees of their former spouse?

These are real examples from Fulton Family Courts happening right now, and if the stories aren’t told, even about cases currently pending, or unable to be appealed, parents will continue to be victimized.

I’ve always felt helpless because there was nothing I could do for the victims, but I have to try now!  It’s just too many cases and too many bizarre rulings and circumstances to be coincidence or just incompetence. I am putting my reputation, my organization and my personal financial well-being on the line knowing there is a high likelihood that I am going to get sued for spotlighting this corruption. That is because it is widespread, rampant and has to involve judges, clerks, custody evaluators, guardian ad litems (GALs) private attorneys and others.

So I hope you or someone from your news organization will attend today as I’m joined by victims and attorneys who have represented them, and will share information from national experts about the potential corruption in Fulton Family Court.  Even if you don’t feel “Watchdog Calls for Corruption Investigation” is a story for today. PLEASE join us to learn about what we have uncovered because I believe this is one of the biggest scandals in Georgia history.  As one victimized parent who happens to be a child psychologist told me yesterday “this is a story that makes the APS cheating scandal look trivial.”

WHEN: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 11:30 AM

WHERE: State Capitol – room number to be announced around 9:30 am.

Also on facebook live – http://facebook.com/WilliamPerryGaEW

WHO: William Perry, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs; 

Attorney Amy McDougal, certified compliance and ethics professional, Founder and President of CLEAResources, LLC;

Dr. Monty Weinstein (via statements), Director of the Family Therapy Center of New York & Georgia;

Fulton Family Court parent victims, and others.

WHAT:  Watchdog calls for 1) investigations into potential corruption by the Fulton County District Attorney and/or other law enforcement agencies, 2) others who have been victimized by the potential corruption who will share their stories, 3) attorneys who will offer pro bono services to assist our efforts or the victims themselves, and 4) changes to Georgia law to help stop potential corruption.

Resources: Facebook – JusticeForFultonFamilies,  Twitter – @JusticeForFultonFamiles Email: JusticeForFultonFamilies@gmails.com   Website – JusticeForFultonFamilies.com

Contact: William Perry, Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, 678-358-6966, watchdogwilliam@gmail.com


Their stories are often just unbelievable, but the outcomes are real.  By the time they approach me, they are penniless, have usually had their children literally taken from them and are suffering from some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  They often have the same circumstances, either as stay-at-home parents or were not the main income earners for their family, while their former spouses are not only rich and powerful, but have usually been abusive — mentally, physically and/or sexually toward them and their children or abusive of drugs or alcohol.  The victims almost always have documented proof of such abuse, and often the judge or the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) have dismissed or ignored the evidence and awarded full custody to the abusive parent.

Families are literally being torn apart and damaged for generations.  It has got to stop — and there are plenty of stories to be told and facts provided and further uncovered.  I do not believe any reporter or news organization will find tomorrow a waste of time, so please join me!

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